Allianz General Laos (Savannakhet Branch)

Allianz General Laos (Savannakhet Branch) Since: 1990

Corporate Status: Joint Venture
Business Type: Importer, Service Provider
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Fax.856 41 212 772
Address304/2 SayaphoumVillage,
Allianz General Laos (AGL) was established in 1990 as a Joint Venture between the Ministry of Finance of Lao PDR (MoF) and Allianz, the world leading insurance and financial services provider. Today, AGL provides a comprehensive range of insurance products for individuals as well as for corporate clients. AGL has developed insurance products along an individual line including Motor, Home, and Health insurance as a means to secure risks for local people and contribute to social development. The business line provides risk-cover, from small to large or for all risks, for local and foreign investors, infrastructure development projects and all kinds of organizations in the country.
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1 Mr.Sysamone ARIYAVONG Agent Savannakhet Branch 856 20 5554 1079 856 41 212 772 [email protected]