C.B.F. Pharma Co., Ltd.

C.B.F. Pharma Co., Ltd. Since: 1998

Corporate Status: Co-operation
Business Type: Producer, Exporter, Importer, Service Provider
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Fax.+ 856 41 251 826
AddressNo.11, Yotha Rd., Ban Huamuongtay, Vioukap Ro
CBF Pharma Co., Ltd or Champasak and Binding Friendship Company Limited were established in 1995 based on the tight relationship between the government of champasak Province, Lao PDR and Binding Province, Vietnam to supply the people of Lao with high quality pharmaceutical products. Throughout the years we have proven to work towards that goal. Through our hard work with the experts in the medical fields, the cooperation between the government and hospitals, we now supply one of the highest pharmaceutical products in the Lao PDR. International standards certificates that prove our quality are ISO 9001:2008, GMP, and our International Quality ERA AWARD (GOLD) received in Geneva, Switzerland. Today we continue to improve our quality in our products and services to be a true leader in the medical field in the Lao PDR.
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1 Dr. Mr. Khamphet KHAOSANGA Manager Savannakhet Branch +856 2099 84 49 88 +856 41 251 826 [email protected]