Energy Systems Co., Ltd.

Energy Systems Co., Ltd. Since: 1993

Corporate Status: Limited Liabilities
Business Type: Importer
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Fax.+66 (0) 43 915 503
Address332 Moo 8 Ban Kamcharoen, Radnadee road, Tamb, 40000
The company is a Board of Investment (BOI) promoted contract Manufacturing and supplier of manufacturing and engineering services to the electronics industry, concerned with the manufacture and testing of printed circuit boards assemblies and turnkey manufacturing , including finished products. Energy Systems Co.,Ltd was established in October 1993. Operating on a 300 sq meter site in KhonKaen. Currently employing over 37 staff working 16 hours on a double 8 hour shift system. Energy Systems Co., LTD. is ISO9001 certified electronic subcontracting and electronic manufacturing service provider in Thailand. The company has our R&D team to develop new products for their customers. The company currently export their products to Germany, Netherlands, Dubai and USA.
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1 Virapong Chongpatiyutt MD +66 (0) 43 915 501-2 [email protected] , [email protected]