Nguyen Phong Wood One Member Co., Ltd.

Nguyen Phong Wood One Member Co., Ltd. Since: 2002

Quang Tri, VIET NAM
Corporate Status: Limited Liabilities
Business Type: Producer, Processor
Business Sector: Manufacturing
No. of employee: 51-100

Main products:

  • Stick wood
  • sawn wood

Contact address:

AddressAi Tu industrial cluster, Hai Lang district, N/A
Main contact Huong Le Van , Director

Nguyen Phong Private Enterprise is headquartered in Trieu Ai Commune, Trieu Phong District. Established in 2002 with the precursor of a small wood processing factory in operation since 1996, Nguyen Phong Private Enterprise has become one of the largest units operating in the wood processing industry in the area. Trieu Phong district desk.
Located on a 1.3 hectare site within the industrial cluster of Ai Tu Town, the production and warehouse system of the enterprise is built solidly with full machinery and equipment. The annual capacity is 6,000 cubic meters of raw material wood and 600 cubic meters of billet, bringing in more than 25 billion turnover for the enterprise. The products of the company are sold in the north and south markets, in addition to supplying wood furniture manufacturing units for export to China and South Korea. In 2014, the enterprise contributes over 1.5 billion VND to the budget and receives the certificate of merit from the People's Committee of Quang Tri province. The company also creates stable jobs for nearly 100 labors in Trieu Phong district and neighboring districts, with salaries of VND3-5 million per month.
To achieve the fruits of today is a labor-intensive process of endless effort of the management and employees of the enterprise. From the early days of entering the wood processing industry, the enterprise's activities only stop at the level of processing planted wood with a unit of more than ten workers. The production is completely rudimentary, made of manpower, has no timber kiln and warehouse to store products, sawn timber for sale only to other wood processing units. Through the process of striving to develop, production activities of the enterprise gradually modernized, developed in both size and technology. Currently with eight sawmills, the daily sawing capacity is estimated at 20 cubic meters of wooden billet. With twelve drying tunnels with steam heating and chemical pressure impregnation systems, the company can meet the technical requirements of customers. Previous heavy and unsafe work has been done by motorized means, helping workers to work smoother and safer. Particularly, in 2014, the enterprise has boldly invested in the construction of a wooden panel factory. This is the first factory in Trieu Phong district to produce this product. With an investment of more than VND5 billion, the plant's capacity is estimated to reach six hundred cubic meters of wood-based boardboards a year, adding nearly VND5 billion in annual sales to the Enterprise, providing more regular employment. For thirty laborers with decent and stable income.
At the beginning of 2014, the company has expanded its investment and leased more than 100 hectares of acacia plantation land for acacia hybrid trees. This is a right step of the Enterprise, contributing to the self-built supply chain materials.
Regarding to the state budget, enterprises always excellently completed. The budget is always higher than the previous year. In 2005, the remittance to the state budget is VND 261 million; by 2014, the state budget contribution is VND 1.53 billion. The company has been awarded certificates of merit by the provincial People's Committee from 2005 to 2014. In 2007, the provincial People's Committee awarded the diploma and the second prize in the work of remittance to the state budget. Continuously for two consecutive years 2007 and 2008 was awarded by the Minister of Finance merit. In 2009, the Small and Medium Enterprise Association of Quang Tri Province was selected as one of the 1000 Excellent Entrepreneurs of the country. Director Le Van Huong was awarded the Certificate of Merit in 2008 by Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.
With the recovery of the economy in general and export wood industry in particular, Nguyen Phong Private Company believes that the wood market in the coming time will recover and grow well, so that the enterprise will have the basis to To invest in expanding production scale, striving to become one of the pioneer enterprises in the wood processing industry of the district.

Our company specialises in purchasing, processing and trading of planted forest timber.

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