Quang Tri Trading Corporation

Quang Tri Trading Corporation Since: 1973

Quang Tri, VIET NAM
Corporate Status: Joint Stock
Business Type: Producer, Retail, Processor, Exporter, Importer, Wholesaler, Service Provider
Business Sector: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Services
No. of employee: Over 500

Main products:

  • Tapioca Flour
  • Rubber
  • Wood pellets

Contact address:

Fax.842333852 695
AddressNo. 1, Phan Boi Chau Street, N/A
Main contact Hieu Ho Xuan , General Director

Being a  state-owned capital enterprise, Quang Tri Trading Corporation tends to: development of manufacture & commercial business attaches to the task of serving and impulsing the development of mountainous region.

- Development attaches to agriculture and rural areas: Development by various models, raising high quality breeds of cow, basing on technique transfer, supplying breeds and feed as well as buying agricultural products from farmers.

- Expanding the manufacture of high quality micro-biological fertilizer with cheap price (especially cassava) targeted at re-investing in agricultural land, improving productivity and quality of agricultural products.

- Expanding the manufacture and business to Laos, Thailand and China, effectively exploring the advantages and potential of the East-West Corridor.

-  Exploiting the tourism potential in Quang Tri heroic land associated with many historical relics. Serving domestic and foreign tourists to Quang Tri through a chain of hotels, resorts, travel.

I. Main fields of trading:
- Import-export of materials, equipments, consumer goods

- Manufacturing and exporting tapioca starch and other agricultural products

- Service of restaurants, hotels and travel, resort

- Importing and supplying breeding and beef cattle imported from Thailand

- Supplying materials and other essential goods serving mountainous region

II. Products - Services:

- Consumer goods imported from Thailand (plastics, cosmetics...), sorts of beer, alcohol and soft drinks

- Tapioca starch, maize, peanuts

- Service of hotels, restaurants, resort

- Service of inbound and outbound tours

- Brahman, Charolaise breeding and beef cattle, feed for beef cattle

- Fertilizer

- Rubber

- Wood pellet

- Service of rescue, car repair; car accessories and spare parts

- Car accessories and spare parts

- Agricultural machines serving manufacture and raising

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Focal Contact

Name Surname Division/Dept. Position Mobile Tel Email
1 Chau Nguyen Thi Hai Communication Manager 84914009427 842333851151 [email protected]