S.T.L.Import & Export Co., Ltd.

S.T.L.Import & Export Co., Ltd. Since: 1990

Corporate Status: Limited Liabilities
Business Type: Producer, Retail, Exporter
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Fax.+66 (0) 55 544 519
Address558 Moo 2 , Tambon Tasailuad, Maesot, 63110
STL Commercial Co., Ltd. formerly known as S.T.L.Import & Export Co., Ltd. is an experienced international trading company sourcing products worldwide and export to Myanmar country with a strong customer base and extensive distribution network within Myanmar. The main products for export are Home Appliances, Computer & Peripherals and Electronic Components and continuously expanded to other industries including Construction Material, Pre-Owned Automobile, Agricultural Machinery and several S.T.L. Private Owned Brands. In order to represent our current business to suit the grown business structure, our company name has been changed from S.T.L. Import & Export Co.,Ltd. to STL Commercial Co.,Ltd. on June 15, 2012
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1 Mr.Sookcharoen Saeoh Committee +66 (0)55-544518, + 66 (0) 55-545128, +66 (0) 55-545138, +66 (0) 55-545188 [email protected] , [email protected]