Danang Trade Promotion Center

Danang Trade Promotion Center Since: 1998

Governmental Trade Promotion Organization (TPO)
Danang , VIET NAM


Fax.+84 236 3863747
Address426 Hoang Dieu St, Hai Chau Distric
Main contact Tu Anh Hua, Director

Development history:

Da Nang Trade Promotion Information Center is a subdivion of Danang Department of Industry and Trade. It was established on 11th of June, 1998 and renamed to Danang Trade Promotion Center in 2014.


  • Training short-term business classes.
  • Co-ordinating with the agencies in charge of organizing professional training  for officials and employees working in trade promotion field.
  • Organizing or co-ordinating conferences, seminars and training for trade promotion purposes.
  • Organizing or supporting the organization of business delegations to survey the market, participate in domestic and foreign trade fairs.
  • Organizing or coordinating the organization of specialized trade fairs.
  • Reception  enterprises, organizations and foreign agencies come to survey the investment and trade environment.

Key responsibility:

  • Serving state management for  Director of Danang Department of Industry and Trade to organize  trade promotion activities.
  • Participating in building and contributing to implementation of trade promotion plans and programs under the policy of Danang Department of Industry and Trade and the People's Committee of Danang.
  • Proposing trade promotion programs of the city.
  • Advising  Danang Department of Industry and Trade on policies to support trade promotion.
  • Studying  policies of the State,  domestic and foreign markets for  compiling and publishing commercial and economic publications to supply information for the development of  trade sector.
  • Co-ordinating with related agencies, trade groups and trade promotion organizations  to propose and develop trade promotion projects.


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